Wind channels in Karnaca.

The Shindaerey Gift, A study, By Emora Clipswitch is a book found in Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider.


On the Effect of the Winds on the Karnacan Landmass and Resulting Economic Positions

Whale oil. Liquid power! How astonishing that within those beasts, inside the oil harvested along with their flesh, was enough power to see the Isles through these tumultuous years! And it all seemed limitless, but now the lights begin to dim. Our fisher folk say the great beasts are increasingly rare!

Not all places will suffer this loss equally, fellow natural philosophers! Karnaca has a unique feature - the cleft in Shindaerey Peak, through which the winds are channeled and amplified.

As whale oil begins to run short, with the cost of finding the remaining leviathans escalating beyond the worth of the oil itself, Karnaca will find itself ascendant among the Isles.


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