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The Undine in the water.

The Undine is the flagship of Lizzy Stride and the Dead Eels gang, featured in the mission The Dead Eels in The Brigmore Witches. It is a cargo ship used to smuggle goods along the Wrenhaven River and is based in the gang's base at the Drapers Ward Riverfront.


The Undine consists of three levels, and is of a mostly open design. The middle level is a large deck space with rails on, allowing the ship to transport rail cars and trains. At the bow of the ship are two raised platforms, while at the stern on the port side is the engine. The top level, accessible by steps near the engine, contains the bridge and two open-air platforms.

The lowest level of the ship is just above the waterline and is a large area for the storage of illegal supplies. It is accessed by steps leading down from the middle level, but there is also a hatch in the bottom for dumping supplies should the Wrenhaven River Patrol or a similar organization board the ship.

The Brigmore Witches

Daud seeks the ship for the purpose of passing Dunwall's river blockades to reach Brigmore Manor. However, upon rescuing Lizzy Stride from Coldridge Prison, he discovers that it has been taken from her by her treacherous second-in-command, Edgar Wakefield. In return for use of the Undine, Daud eliminates Wakefield and returns control of the Dead Eels to Lizzy, only to be informed that the Hatters have stolen the engine coil that controls the pistons in the engine, preventing the ship from going anywhere. Due to the Undine's age, engine coils of that kind are not made any more, meaning they cannot simply buy another coil. Daud visits the Drapers Ward Textile Mill to retrieve the coil, which is being used to power the Hatters' operation. After Daud removes the coil from the engine there, he plugs it back in to the Undine and departs for Brigmore Manor.


  • The Gangs Of Dunwall achievement is obtained by restoring the Undine to working condition.
  • If Daud did not eliminate the witches in the Drapers Ward Sewer System, they will attack the Undine after he installs the engine coil.
  • If there are no Dead Eels left to control the ship when Daud needs to depart, Thomas informs him that the Whalers have enough shared experience to make the journey.


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