Thomas Render

Thomas is a member of the Whalers. At the beginning of The Brigmore Witches, he replaces Billie Lurk as Daud's scout after her betrayal. Like Billie, he appears during Daud's missions, telling him useful information.


Unlike Billie, Thomas reveals little about himself and is not prone to expressing his opinions around Daud. However, his journal reveals some of his thoughts, particularly that he is loyal to Daud but fears that Daud and the Whalers will diminish in time. He can perform transversals, but it is unknown what other powers he possesses.

During various operations, Thomas helps Daud by telling him the positions of various targets and traps, and informs Daud of any advantages he may want to consider, such as alternative pathways and different methods of obtaining information.

Sometime prior to The Brigmore Witches, Daud sent Thomas to locate Lizzy Stride, the leader of the Dead Eels, to request transportation to Brigmore Manor.

The Brigmore Witches

After Daud wakes up during the mission Choosing Your Mark, he is informed that Thomas has returned to the base and is waiting for him. Thomas tells Daud that Lizzy Stride is incarcerated in Coldridge Prison, and then goes with him to the sewers, there waiting for Daud to complete the mission. When Daud has done so, they both return to the hideout. Thomas performs a similar function during the mission The Dead Eels, where he appears multiple times and provides Daud with information about the current state of affairs in Drapers Ward.

After this, Thomas accompanies Daud to Brigmore Manor on the Undine, and is instructed to find an entrance to the mansion. When Daud arrives, Thomas apologetically informs him that he was unable to do this. Later in the mission, he tells Daud that gravehounds can only be killed if their skull is crushed.

Dishonored: The Corroded Man

After Daud disappeared, Thomas attempted to keep the Whalers up and running. To this end, he gathered up the remaining members and recruited thugs from minor street gangs.[1] Eventually, Thomas himself disappeared, and the Whalers fell apart. What happened to Thomas is unknown, though Corvo Attano's spy network thinks it likely that he died.[2]



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