Chauncy and the key.

To Do List is a written note found in The Knife of Dunwall. There are two versions of this note, depending on chaos level.


High Chaos

- Loot that one place
- Get even with Craxton
- Chauncy took that key we nicked from the watch as he's trying to loot some lawyer types [sic] houses. He went cat burgling round the balconies and ain't come down yet. Better see what happened and get that key back.
- Brush my teeth this week

Low Chaos

- Loot that one place
- Get even with Craxton
- That key we nicked from the Watch can get us inside the Legal District. We'll get some nice pawnables from the lawyer types tonight. I put the key upstairs for now.
- Brush my teeth this week


It can be found on a table in the courtyard of the Black Friar, the Hatters' hideout in the Waterfront, during the mission Eminent Domain.


  • Craxton is a member of the Bottle Street Gang. What he did that merits "getting even" with is not specified.

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