The Edge of the World

Trip to the Markets is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


I've thought of a few things I need when you go into Karnaca. I'd get them myself, but you know it's like for these old bones to walk so far.

I need a smaller shirt. Seems everything I own falls off me now. And you're right, I suppose I need some soap. And a good hair tonic, for my beard and what's left around the sides of my skull.

You liked the Tyvian stew I made last week, so if you'd like to have again, get lamb if we can afford it. If not, don't worry. My appetite isn't what is used to be. A bit of bread and a few shrimp will get me through most days. But don't forget the wine.

If that's not too much, I could use more paints. I'm out of Cerulean, Ochre, and Ultramarine.



The note can be found just outside the kitchen aboard the Dreadful Wale after the mission The Clockwork Mansion.

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