Unsent Letter is the title of two different written notes found in Dishonored 2.

Note One

Martha's Wedding Silvergraph

The silvergraph of Martha and her husband.


I'm still not sure when I'll be able to join you. I can't close up the shop or leave my brother alone right now. Running a black market business is every bit as tricky as I always imagined.

The conflict in the district shows no signs of abating. Day and night, we hear Overseer gunshots and those screaming bolts used by the Howlers. We stay inside, hoping for all this to end soon.

Whenever I feel sad, I look at our wedding silvergraph. What a special day that was. I have an anniversary surprise for you, and I'm not sure I'll be able to wait to give it to you.

Stay safe, my dear. I love you.

- Martha


This note can be found on a desk inside the apartment above the black market shop during the mission Dust District.

Note Two


Dear Mum,
The mining idea didn't work out like we thought it shoulda. First off, I got in with some fellas that had a better scheme. But turns out it only paid for ales and a few games of cards and such. I would have gone and took my chances in the mines after that. But those fellas I fell in with got pinched by no one less than the Overseers, and now I'm scared to show my face.

They been raiding all the buildings round here. They'll be coming to mine any day. Can't let'em see my tattoos or anything. And Overseers don't like bonecharms, sure as dirt. So I'm packing up my things, and getting out of town soon as I can.

All me luv,


The note can be found inside a boarded-up and abandoned room to the right of the Overseer Outpost during the mission Dust District.

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