Vasco's Diary – Month of Nets, 1851 is a book found in Dishonored 2.


A patient arrived late at night, complaining of "grit" in her eyes. The good doctor was resting - finally! So I took the case.

After careful observation I determined that the cause was silver dust from the mines. To bring forth tearing from the eyes, I combined glycerin and pepper oil, which I planned to follow at once with a rinse. However the burning sensation was apparently quite marked, and the patient was too distressed to let me attend further. However, the flow of tears was sufficient that I'd wager by morning her eyes were clear.

I declare my idea for purging the eyes of grit to be a success! I could see the formula. Just the thing to get dust and debris banished from the eyes, Vasco's Formula for Eyes and Ears, that's what I'll call it. Fast and effective.

All with Dr. Alexandria Hypatia's permission, of course. She knows best.


The book can be found in Vasco's Office in Addermire Institute, during the mission The Good Doctor.

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