Void Walker's Arsenal

The Void Walker's Arsenal is the third downloadable content pack developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks for Dishonored. Announced on May 3, 2013, it was released on May 14, 2013 worldwide for $3.99 on Steam and PlayStation 3 and for 320 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360.

The pack is a collection of four different packs previously available only as preorder bonuses from various retailers. Each pack consisted of 3 bone charms, a statue allowing an extra bone charm to be equipped, a book, and 500 coins.

The items from this downloadable content can be found in Corvo Attano's room at the Hound Pits Pub after his first encounter with the Outsider. The items will appear as soon as Corvo awakens in this room for the first time, and will stay there until the beginning of the mission The Flooded District.


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