Bone charm

Bone charms (or bonecharms) are mystical objects created from the bones of whales, humans and other animals, each with a unique effect on the user's constitution and abilities. Corvo Attano, Daud, Emily Kaldwin and Billie Lurk can discover these items throughout the Empire and use them to complement their mission strategies.


In the days before the Empire, ownership of bone charms (including those made from the tusks of walruses in Tyvia) was tolerated, as their effects were said to improve the lives of lowly serfs and prevent pregnancies.[1] However, with the coming of the industrial revolution arising from Esmond Roseburrow's research on whale oil, the Abbey of the Everyman banned the use of bone charms, dubbing them witchery.[2] Retaining bone charms is now considered a criminal offense, and there is a workshop at the Office of the High Overseer dedicated solely to the destruction of bone charms.[3]


When they are equipped, bone charms provide a variety of enhancements, such as improving the effects of elixirs and remedies, swimming speed, jumping ability, equipment, and strengthening the user's supernatural powers. Other bone charms exist that have functions that do not affect gameplay,[1] but none of these can be found in the Dishonored franchise.

Charms and Effects


  • Acrobat - Slightly faster climbing.
  • Albinos - Increased chance of white rats.
  • Blood Ox Heart - 20% increase to maximum mana.
  • Carrion Killer - Killing rats grants some adrenaline.
  • Clockwork Malfunction - Enemy grenades take slightly more time to explode.
  • Falling Star - Drop assassinating recharges mana by 20%.
  • Fleet Fighter - Drawn weapons do not slow movement speed.
  • Healthy Appetite I - Food heals slightly more.
  • Healthy Appetite II - Food heals moderately more.
  • Plague Affinity - Damage by weepers grants a small amount of mana.
  • Plague Resistant - Weepers inflict slightly less damage.
  • Rat Scent - Rats attack only when approached in close proximity.
  • Reinforced Bolts - Bolts stuck in enemies break less often.
  • Robust I - Potions grant 5% more health.
  • Robust II - Potions grant 10% more health.
  • Scavenger - 50% chance to receive extra ammo from pickups.
  • Spirited I - Potions grant 5% more mana.
  • Spirited II - Potions grant 10% more mana.
  • Spiritual Pool - Slightly faster mana regeneration.
  • Spirit Water - Drinking from faucets recharges mana by 20%.
  • Strong Arms - Faster choking speed.
  • Sustained Rage - Adrenaline takes slightly longer to cool down.
  • Swift Shadow - Increased movement speed in stealth mode.
  • Throwing Hand - Thrown objects travel slightly farther.
  • Tough Skin - 15% increase to maximum health.
  • Twist of Fortune I - Very rarely, using a potion grants full mana.
  • Twist of Fortune II - Sometimes, using a potion grants full mana.
  • Undertaker - Increased movement speed while carrying a corpse.
  • Unnerving Target I - Enemies have a slight chance to miss with guns.
  • Unnerving Target II - Enemies have a moderate chance to miss with guns.
  • Vengeance - Being damaged grants a small amount of adrenaline.
  • Water of Life - Drinking from fountains grants 7.5% health.
  • Welcoming Host - Possession lasts 30 seconds on white rats (normally 20).
  • Whirlwind I - Swing speed for swords is slightly faster.
  • Whirlwind II - Swing speed for swords is moderately faster.

The beer taps in the Hound Pits Pub and the drink tap at the Boyle Mansion count as faucets.

Void Walker's Arsenal

These appear in Corvo's room in the the Hound Pits Pub after first meeting the Outsider, with the purchase of the respective pre-order pack or DLC.

  • Acrobatic Killer: Raven - Drop assassination gives you a bit of health.
  • Acrobatic Killer: River Affinity - Swim speed increases slightly.
  • Acrobatic Killer: Quick Dodge - Enemies miss more often with arrows and bolts.
  • Arcane Assassin: Gutter Feast - Eating white rats restores 5% mana.
  • Arcane Assassin: Void Channel - 20% increased duration for powers, increased range for Blink and Windblast.
  • Arcane Assassin: White Rat Friend - White rats won't attack you.
  • Backstreet Butcher: Blast Resistant - Damage from explosions reduced slightly.
  • Backstreet Butcher: Fencer - Advantage in sword vs. sword combat.
  • Backstreet Butcher: Fire Water - Increased explosion range for whiskey bottles.
  • Shadow Rat: Good Lungs - Breath capacity in water increased slightly.
  • Shadow Rat: Delicate Touch - Breaking glass sound is moderately reduced.
  • Shadow Rat: Voyeur - Magnification of sight when peeping through keyholes.

The Knife of Dunwall

In The Knife of Dunwall DLC, some bone charms have been removed and all remaining bone charms that previously had two levels now have the upgraded effect right away. Some of the former DLC bone charms have been renamed and added, and a few entirely new bone charms also appear.

  • Blood Ox Heart - 20% increase to maximum mana.
  • Bird of Prey - Drop assassination gives Daud a bit of health.
  • Carrion Killer - Killing rats grants some adrenaline.
  • Falling Star - Drop assassinating recharges mana by 20%.
  • Fleet Fighter - Drawn weapons do not slow movement speed.
  • Healthy Appetite - Food heals moderately more.
  • Hearty Crew - Summoned assassins deal more damage.
  • Light as a Shadow - Take less damage from falls.
  • Overpowering - Very easily win contested interactions.
  • Reinforced Bolts - Bolts stuck in enemies break less often.
  • Robust - Potions grant 10% more health.
  • Scavenger - 50% chance to receive extra ammo from pickups.
  • Spirited - Potions grant 10% more mana.
  • Spiritual Pool - Slightly faster mana regeneration.
  • Spirit Water - Drinking from faucets recharges mana by 20%.
  • Strong Arms - Faster choking speed.
  • Sustained Rage - Adrenaline takes slightly longer to cool down.
  • Swift Shadow - Increased movement speed in stealth mode.
  • Swift Stalker - If Daud's weapons are sheathed, his speed is boosted.
  • Tough Skin - 15% increase to maximum health.
  • Undertaker - Increased movement speed while carrying a corpse.
  • Water of Life - Drinking from fountains grants 7.5% health.
  • Whirlwind - Swing speed for swords is moderately faster.

The Brigmore Witches

Two new bone charms appear in The Brigmore Witches DLC.

  • Submariner: Regain health while submerged in water.
  • Void Surge: Sometimes, when using a power, no mana will be spent.

Dishonored 2

In Dishonored 2, most of the old bone charms appear, though many have been changed in name or exact function. In addition, bone charms fall under different categories, making crafting easier.

  • Accommodating Host - Animal Possession lasts slightly longer.
  • Agile Will - Possession lasts slightly longer.
  • Carrion Killer - Killing rats or bloodflies boosts Adrenaline.
  • Enduring Allies - Summoned Doppelgängers last longer.
  • Resilient Allies - Summoned Doppelgängers have more health.
  • Restorative Glimmer - Health regenerates while using Dark Vision.
  • Shadow Embrace - Shadow Walk lasts slightly longer.
  • Submerged Rage - Gain Adrenaline while underwater.
  • Synergic Swarm - Summoned rat swarms persist longer.
  • Vengeance - Taking melee damage from an enemy generates Adrenaline.
  • Void Rapture - Sometimes enemies are rendered unconscious by Mesmerize.
  • Acrobat - Climbing speed is slightly faster.
  • Agile Recovery - Recover from falls slightly quicker.
  • Ground Glider - Slide speed is slightly faster.
  • Swift Shadow - Movement is slightly faster in Stealth Mode.
  • Swift Stalker - Movement is slightly faster with weapons sheathed.
  • Undertaker - Move slightly faster while carrying a body.
  • Aquatic Nature - Swim speed is slightly faster.
  • Leviathan's Mind - Regenerate Mana while underwater.
  • Strong Lungs - Greater lung capacity underwater.
  • Healthy Appetite - Food restores more Health.
  • Liquid Sustenance - Drinking from a fountain restores Health.
  • Robust - Elixirs restore slightly more Health.
  • Spirit Water - Drinking from a fountain restores Mana.
  • Spirited - Elixirs restore slightly more Mana.
  • Spiritual Pool - Mana regeneration is slightly faster.
  • Spiritual Fortune - Sometimes drinking a Mana elixir restores all Mana.
  • Void Favor - Sometimes supernatural powers consume no Mana.
  • Assassin's Fortune - Bolt packs have a slight chance of containing +1 crossbow bolt.
  • Blade Ballet - Springrazors have a slight change of eliminating a body.
  • Combustion - Your grenades inflict slightly more damage.
  • Duelist's Luck - Bullet packs have a slight chance of containing +1 pistol bullet.
  • Firestarter - Incendiary Bolt radius is slightly larger.
  • Electrical Burst - Increases the area of effect for Stun Mines.
  • Hot Cocktail - Exploding bottles inflict damage over a wider area.
  • Lucky Needle - Slight chance to recover Sleep Darts.
  • Resounding Shriek - Howling Bolts are louder and have a greater radius.
  • Blast Resistant - You take less damage from explosions.
  • Tricky Timing - Enemy grenades take slightly longer to explode.
  • Unfortunate Craftsmanship - Enemy grenades sometimes malfunction.
  • Unnerving Target - Enemies sometimes drop grenades and thrown debris at their feet.
  • Unsteady Hand - Enemies miss with fired projectiles more often.
  • Bird of Prey - Drop Assassination restores some Health.
  • Duelist's Skill - Your bullets inflict slightly more damage.
  • Exacting Aim - Your crossbow bolts inflict slightly more damage.
  • Falling Star - Drop Assassination restores some Mana.
  • Fencer - Win locked-sword Contests more easily.
  • Strong Arms - You choke enemies unconscious slightly faster.
  • Whirlwind - Sword attack speed is slightly faster.
  • Deep Grave - Slight chance that gravehounds are destroyed upon spawning.
  • Relocation Sickness - Witches sometimes stumble off-balance after magical relocation.
  • Albinos - Rat swarms include more white rats.
  • Bitter Blood - Bloodflies attack at slightly shorter distances, closer to nests.
  • Blood Sacrifice - Killing bloodflies or rats restores Health.
  • Carrion Killer - Killing rats or bloodflies boosts Adrenaline.
  • Gutter Feast - White rats can be eaten for Mana.
  • Spiritual Sacrifice - Killing bloodflies or rats restores Mana.

Duelist's Luck and Void Favor can only be obtained from the Imperial Assassin's Pack.

Corrupted Charms

Corrupted Charm

Introduced in The Brigmore Witches, Corrupted Charms are bone charms with powerful beneficial effects counterbalanced by embedded penalties. They are created by breaking apart functional bone charms and fusing them back together with additional pieces of whalebone.[4]

The Brigmore Witches

Charm Benefit Penalty
Leverage Pull power distance and speed are increased Mana cost for pull power is increased
Power Slash Daud deals greater damage with his sword He swings his sword slower
Shivering Silhouette Enemies have a high chance to miss ranged attacks Daud is more visible to enemies
Splintering Bolts Bolts shot by wristbow do more damage Bolts almost always break when shot at enemies
Statuesque Daud will not be spotted by enemies while standing still, unless in combat Mana does not regenerate
Tank Damage taken is reduced Overall movement speed is reduced
Vengeance Build up adrenaline much faster Adrenaline takes much less time to cool down
Witch's Skin When taking damage, Daud's mana is drained before his health Mana does not regenerate
Zephyr Overall movement speed is increased Damage taken is increased

Dishonored 2

Charm Benefit Penalty
Armored Bones You take significantly less damage. Your movement speed is reduced.
Bright Moon Your Doppelgänger inflicts more damage. Your Doppelgänger lasts half as long.
Clumsy Assassin Brief invisibility after choking or assassinating an enemy. You are louder when making noise, and more visible when leaning.
High Pressure Explosions from grenades, oil tanks and bottles inflict more damage. Grenades, oil tanks and bottles have a smaller blast radius.
Lightweight You take less damage from falling. Health regeneration rate is halved.
Power Slash You deal greater damage with your sword. Your sword attacks are slower.
Risky Parry During melee combat, your sword parry always knocks an enemy down. You take damage when parrying.
Splintering Bolts Your bolts inflict more damage. Bolts always break on impact.
Stolen Breath Pulling enemies towards you with Far Reach is now stealthy and quiet. Far Reach consumes more Mana for all uses.
Shivering Silhouette Enemies miss more often with ranged attacks. You are more visible to enemies.
Vengeance Trade Faster Adrenaline accumulation. Reduced Bloodthirst duration.
Void Winds When you cast Windblast it’s more powerful. Windblast consumes more Mana.
Witch's Skin When taking damage, your Mana is drained before your Health. Your Mana doesn't regenerate.
Zephyr Your speed is increased when walking or running. You take more damage.

Risky Parry can only be obtained by looting Paolo's body.

Black Bonecharms

Black Bonecharms were introduced in Dishonored 2. They are bone charms with more powerful or unique traits than standard bone charms, which cannot be learned and used to create custom charms. They do not have any negative traits, unlike corrupted bone charms. Sacrificing them yields 4 raw whalebone, more than other charms. Some of these bone charms were in Dishonored as normal bone charms.

  • Bloodfly Alchemy - An enemy's initial ranged attack is transformed into bloodflies.
  • Cornered Animal - Your attack damage is significantly increased when your Health is low.
  • Dark Extraction - Shadow Walk assassination restores some Health.
  • Expansive Spirit - Maximum Mana is increased.
  • Fading Light - Far Reach and Blink consume no Mana if used within a second of Assassination.
  • Familiar Scent - Wolfhounds cannot smell you.
  • Fickle Beasts - White wolfhounds fight on your side.
  • Fleet Fighter - Your movement is not slowed when your weapons are unsheathed.
  • Hardiness - Maximum Health is increased.
  • Invisible Thread - Far Reach renders you invisible during movement.
  • Iron Roots - Knockdowns are much less likely to affect you.
  • Leech Cuts - You gain Health when inflicting sword damage or assassinating enemies.
  • Leviathan's Breath - Running out of breath reduces Mana before Health.
  • Life Bond - When you heal yourself, your summoned Doppelgängers are also healed.
  • Lucky Jam - Enemy Pistols have a better chance of misfiring.
  • Mind Runner - Your possessed human host can sprint.
  • Separation Trauma - Enemies are rendered unconscious when you leave your host.
  • Shadow Repose - Regain Health during Shadow Walk.
  • Solid Landing - Falling from a significant height creates a shockwave on impact, affecting nearby enemies and objects.
  • Twin Leech - Regain Health while your Doppelgänger is active.
  • Undying Swarm - Rat swarms repopulate over time.
  • Void Armor - When you take damage, a significant portion is instead subtracted from Mana.

Bloodfly Alchemy and Fickle Beasts can only be obtained by looting Breanna Ashworth's body. Iron Roots and Cornered Animal can only be obtained by looting Paolo's body.

Corroded Bonecharms

Corroded Bonecharms were introduced in Dishonored: The Corroded Man. These charms grant far more powers than regular ones but are unstable, eventually corroding themselves out through repeated uses. Zhukov crafts them but requires many due to to their instability. They are small enough to fit inside a person's palm, octagonal, and crafted out of copper wire and bone.[5] When used, they burn with a red and orange glow,[6] and eventually char themselves to the point of disintegration.[7]

Among their possible effects, corroded bonecharms can extend the uses of powers, amplify them and even nullify for its carrier the effects of an Overseer's Music Box.

Crafting Bone Charms

Main article: Bonecharm Crafting

In Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider, Emily, Corvo and Billie have access to the Bonecharm Crafting supernatural ability. This allows them to sacrifice bone charms to gain their traits, which they can craft to create their own custom bone charms. Each time a new bone charm of three or four traits is crafted, it has a chance of becoming corrupted. Unlike standard corrupted charms, the corruption might not be related to the trait or traits that comprise the new bone charm. Depending on playstyle, corruptions can sometimes be helpful.

Known corruptions include:


  • Climbing speed is slightly slower.
  • Movement is slightly slower in Stealth Mode.
  • Movement is slightly slower with weapons sheathed.
  • Slide speed is slightly slower.


  • Mana is lost while underwater.
  • Reduced lung capacity underwater.
  • Swim speed is slightly slower.


  • Sometimes enemies are unaffected by Mesmerize.
  • While active, Dark Vision consumes Health.


  • Eating food reduces your Health.
  • Elixirs restore slightly less Mana.
  • Mana regeneration is slightly slower.
  • Sometimes supernatural powers consume more Mana.


  • Bullet packs have a slight chance of containing 1 less pistol bullet.
  • Decreases the area of effect for stun mines.
  • Enemy grenades inflict slightly more damage.
  • Exploding bottles inflict damage over a smaller area.
  • Incendiary bolt radius is slightly smaller.
  • You sometimes drop grenades at your feet.
  • Springrazors have a slight chance of failing completely.
  • Your projectiles have a chance of missing.
  • Your grenades explode much sooner.
  • Your grenades sometimes malfunction.


  • Enemy bullets inflict slightly more damage.
  • Enemy crossbow bolts inflict slightly more damage.
  • You take more damage from explosions.


  • Witches magically relocate more often.


  • Drop Assassination consumes some Health.
  • Sword attack speed is slightly slower.
  • Winning locked-sword Contests is more difficult.
  • You choke enemies unconscious slightly slower.


  • Bloodflies attack at a great distance, farther from their nests.
  • Killing bloodflies or rats consumes Health.
  • Killing bloodflies or rats consumes Mana.
  • Rat swarms never include white rats.



Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Bone Charm Capacity 1 300 Coins N/A Allows Corvo to carry an additional bone charm (4 total).
Bone Charm Capacity 2 450 Coins Bone Charm Capacity 1 Allows Corvo to carry 2 additional bone charms (6 total).

The Knife of Dunwall

Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Bone Charm Capacity 1 250 Coins N/A Increases the number of bone charms Daud can equip by 1 (total 4).
Bone Charm Capacity 2 250 Coins Bone Charm Capacity 1 Increases the number of bone charms Daud can equip by 1 (total 5).
Bone Charm Capacity 3 250 Coins Bone Charm Capacity 2 Increases the number of bone charms Daud can equip by 1 (total 6).

The Brigmore Witches

Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Bone Charm Capacity 4 400 Coins Bone Charm Capacity 3 Increases the number of bone charms Daud can equip by 2 (total 8).

Dishonored 2

Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Bonecharms Slots +2 300 Coins N/A Unlocks 2 additional bonecharm slots.
Bonecharm Slots +3 450 Coins Bonecharm Slots +2 Unlocks 3 additional bonecharm slots.



Available mission Map Location
High Overseer Campbell Distillery District The bridge where guards are dumping bodies, on the other side of the metal gate. Swim to the back and climb up a chain to reach it.

Alternatively, blink 'up' the bridge by using the crates and posts sticking out of the building and gate. Blink to the roof, cross it, and drop/blink behind the gate.

Second floor of the building where Griff is imprisoned.
Dunwall Whiskey Distillery On top of the wine cellar. Requires Corvo to jump/blink over the barrels to reach.
Back Yard In warehouse A, access from above. This charm is always random before Corvo turns the vise to release it.
In a house near the Wrenhaven River. Corvo will need to access from a window facing the river.
House of Pleasure Distillery District In the apartment where a weeper (high chaos) and an assassin reside. There are several ways to ascend the building, but all require Agility jumping or Blink.
In Granny Rags' new home, accessible from Bottle Street. The abandoned building also contains a door leading to the Golden Cat V.I.P. entrance.
In the Captain's Chair Hotel in the Smoking Room on the first floor. The key to the hotel can be obtained from Slackjaw by finishing his first quest.
The Golden Cat In the room directly above Madame Prudence's office. It can be accessed after taking the Golden Cat master key from the Madame. The charm is above the fireplace.
Dunwall Whiskey Distillery In a room next to the entrance to the distillery. The key can be obtained inside the building in the room with a door that must be opened by a wheel. Several weepers will be in the room if Corvo contaminated the elixir still and will break out after he has spoken to Slackjaw.
The Royal Physician Southern Bridgeway In a room with a weeper. This room is beside a security station with a controllable metal bridge. Corvo will see it if he goes to collect the rune in this map. It is also connected to the side door near the exit.
Midrow Substation After Corvo has passed the wall of light, enter the building on the left from above. The charm is at the bottom with a corpse.
North End In the building on Corvo's left as he enters this area. The building itself can be accessed by blinking to the second floor. However, to reach the charm, Corvo must make his way upstairs by exiting the building and then climbing/blinking to an upper balcony, because the stairs are blocked.
Lady Boyle's Last Party The Hound Pits Pub After Corvo returns to the Hound Pits Pub, Farley Havelock gives him the option of going straight to bed or saying goodnight to Emily. After picking the second option, speak to Cecelia, and then retrieve the key to the Abandoned Apartment hidden under her bunk. The charm is under a bed inside the apartment.
Estate District In a weeper-infested apartment with a rune and an Outsider shrine nearby. Note that this area has three weepers patrolling.
In a building very close to the Boyle Mansion. There is a door directly facing a window leading to the guardhouse. Corvo can also enter from the ground floor.
Return to the Tower Exterior In a tunnel in the waterlock, accessed by using Blink (tier II). It is under a corpse.
Dunwall Tower In Jessamine Kaldwin's secret room on the second floor. The room can be opened by interacting with the unlit candle beside the fireplace.
The Flooded District Rudshore Waterfront In a house near the end of the street (leading to The Refinery). An assassin will occasionally be on top after Corvo has retrieved his gear.
The Greaves Refinery Outside the building where Corvo's gear was dropped. Once he activates the stairs, go to the top of the staircase, and it will be under a collapsed walkway as he goes around.
Central Rudshore At the far end of the main street on the ground, guarded by two wolfhounds.
In Daud's pouch. Either steal it or loot it from him. It is hidden from the Heart and does not "sing".
Gateway Tunnel Immediately after Corvo enters the area, turn right. It will be surrounded by a swarm of rats.
Old Port District In front of some wooden planks, there is a house illuminated by lanterns. Enter the house and find it behind the collapsed second floor.
In the sewers, in a room on the way to Granny Rags's lair. A letter and a book sitting beside a safe hint at the combination to said safe in which Corvo can find the charm.
After passing through the survivor settlement in the sewer, in a river krust infested area. Note that the survivors here will become weepers on high chaos.

The Knife of Dunwall

Available mission Map Location
A Captain of Industry Slaughterhouse Row In one of the houses before the Slaughterhouse main gate. On the ground floor with some corpses.
In the sewer leading to one of the entrances into the Slaughterhouse. The entrance is close to the arc pylon in the Slaughterhouse courtyard, with the sewer gate switch next to said pylon.
Rothwild Slaughterhouse On one of bath stalls in the washroom.
In the big room next to the killing floor hidden among the flesh of a dead whale.
In the safe in Bundry Rothwild's office; the combination is obtained from an injury report found in the accounting office.
Eminent Domain Legal District Waterfront In one of the highest rooms in this map, with a large sign under it. There is another room next to that building with a lone guard.
In the building next to the Hatter hideout, with the only entrance on the second floor. It is placed on top of an Outsider shrine.
Legal District In the building to the right after entering the area, where Wiles Roland is imprisoned. The charm is on second floor.
To the right while facing the Timsh Estate and Law Offices across the road. There is a dead end on the bottom level.
In the basement of Arnold Timsh's estate, opposite to the air filtration vent.
The Surge Daud's Hideout On the of the dead end of a makeshift walkway, next to a dead Assassin.
In the training room where three Overseers are interrogating an Assassin.
Bottom level of the ruined building behind Daud's chamber.

The Brigmore Witches

Available mission Map Location
Choosing Your Mark Daud's Hideout (Corrupted) In the chest at the foot of Daud's bed.
A Stay of Execution for Lizzy Coldridge Prison In the execution yard, under the platform.
At the corner of the yard, where a strange purple light is present.
(Corrupted) In the toilet of Cell A10 or D21. The door is initially locked.
The Dead Eels Drapers Ward Streets (Corrupted) On top of the entrance gate of the shopping center, facing the Millenary Canal.
Found in Jerome's safe if the Rothwild Slaughterhouse was destroyed for Ames, and the associated favor is purchased. Otherwise, it must be purchased from Jerome.
Drapers Ward Riverfront (Corrupted) On top of the building past the first two thugs. Naria, a Brigmore Witch scout can be seen spying from the same roof until Daud approaches.
In the water, near a boat between the dock and the Undine.
Only available if the sunken cache favor was purchased. On the other side of the Undine as above. Two hagfish will be nearby.
Textile Mill In the section to the right of the entrance in a battered cabinet.
Drapers Ward Sewer System (Corrupted) Underneath the room with the Delilah Copperspoon statue; break the plank to reveal a rat-infested area.
In the rubble of collapsed portion of the sewer. Wind and sunlight can be observed when approaching the area. If Daud has turned the water back on, the Bone Charm will be stuck in a drain farther down the sewer system.
Delilah's Masterwork Exterior (Corrupted) Close to the smuggling butler's letter and the only river krust along the shoreline; dive into the water to search.
(Corrupted) In a destroyed attic of the Brigmore Manor. This level is accessible either from the Garden Shed holding the lever, or the highest wooden platform on the front side of the Manor.
In the backyard, at the end of the cliff next to the pavilion with Delilah's statue inside. A Witch will appear when Daud is at a certain horizontal distance from the spot.
In the underground entrance through the crypt. Under the Delilah statue.
Brigmore Manor (Corrupted) In the partially blocked corridor on second floor, with rubble fallen from third floor.
Third floor directly above the main entrance; accessible by blinking from the second floor.
In the room with the Overseer on the second floor.

Dishonored 2

Available mission Map Location
Edge of the World Campo Seta Dockyards In the bloodfly-infested apartment, inside a nest on the second floor.
Inside Amadeo Monte's apartment, on the floor near an Outsider shrine.
On the roof of a building and next to a bloodfly-infested corpse, accessible by traversing the awnings up to the top.
On a table next to an Overseer preaching to a small crowd of people.
(Corrupted) On the fourth floor of the Overseer Outpost, inside the interrogating room where the corpse of Amadeo Monte is held.
Addermire Station Inside the safe within the Winslow safe shop.
The Good Doctor Addermire Institute Directly under the carriage platform rails at the beginning of the mission, inside a grounded rowboat. Accessible by falling onto the rocky ledges facing the sea.
Inside the main lobby, immediately after the entrance.
(Black) On the roof of the tallest part the Addermire Institute. Only accessible with Blink/Far Reach.
On a bed on the sealed room in the middle of the Recuperation Room. The room can be accessed via the broken tanning box.
(Corrupted) On a desk in a small room off the side of Hypatia's work area, through the Recuperation Room.
The Clockwork Mansion Lower Aventa In Major Bonville's apartment in Lower Aventa.
(Black) On the third floor in Correy Brockburn's apartment.
On the second floor of the Lower Aventa carriage station.
Upper Aventa On the second floor of the Upper Aventa Grand Guard Office.
(Corrupted) Inside a bloodfly-infested painting studio.
Clockwork Mansion On the bloodfly-infested corpse of a man trapped in a sub-floor between the first floor and assessment chamber level.
(Black) On a shelf below Kirin Jindosh's bedroom, accessible by entering a vertically-moving closet and activating a button.
At the far end of the Assessment Chamber, near a wall of light.
The Royal Conservatory Cyria Gardens On the second floor of a red pub, surrounded by dead guards.
(Corrupted) In a bloodfly-infested lecture hall, next to a Nest Keeper.
Inside the shopkeeper's apartment overlooking the Conservatory.
Royal Conservatory In the quartermaster's office in the Royal Conservatory's basement, accessible through a vent from the courtyard.
In the bloodfly-infested offices on the third floor of the Conservatory, floating above a magic circle on the floor.
(Black) In an alcove just above the elevator shaft on the third floor, accessible by entering the elevator and jumping through the hole in the top.
(Black) In a workshop above Ashworth's office, on the fourth floor.
(Two black) On the body of Breanna Ashworth. These bone charms are always Bloodfly Alchemy and Fickle Beasts, intended to represent the bone charms Ashworth uses.
Dust District Dust District In the black market shop's back room, accessible by entering the combination into the access door.
On a wall mount in Mindy Blanchard's apartment.
Crone's Hand Saloon In the basement of the Crone's Hand Saloon.
In Durante's room on the second floor of the Crone's Hand Saloon.
(Two black, one corrupted) Three on the body of Paolo. These bone charms are always Risky Parry, Iron Roots and Cornered Animal.
Overseer Enclave Inside a desk in Vice Overseer Liam Byrne's office.
A Crack in the Slab Aramis Stilton's Manor (Primary Present Timeline) On the floor of the broken elevator.
In an attic directly above the dining room, accessible by climbing through a large hole in the dining room ceiling.
Aramis Stilton's Manor (Past Timeline) (Black) In a safe in a locked room adjacent to the elevator, accessible through the alternate present.
Aramis Stilton's Manor (Alternate Present Timeline) On the desk in Aramis Stilton's office, on the second floor of the manor.
Dust District (Alternate Present Timeline) In the back of Lucia Pastor's office.
At the top of a building next to the Dust District's entrance.
(Black) In the sewers near to where Meagan Foster's skiff awaits departure.
The Grand Palace Ravina Boulevard In the apartment of Lucina Pastor's mother.
In Mr. Marletto's apartment, beneath a pillow.
(Black) In the bloodfly-infested apartment straddling the two roads.
Grand Palace (Black) In the secret room of the palace cellar, accessible by activating a hidden button on a cupboard.
In the palace throne room, atop the throne.
In a side lounge room on the first floor of the palace.
(Corrupted) In the bathroom of Delilah's chambers, on the third floor.
Death to the Empress Dreadful Wale Two in Foster's chambers, accessible by pickpocketing her key off of her.
Tower District (Black) In the tower escape corridor from the first level, accessible by climbing up to the tower balcony.
Dunwall Tower Front Yard In the greenhouse, where several witches are mixing paint.
On the far side of the waterlock.
Dunwall Tower Interior (One normal, one corrupted) Two on the corpse of High Overseer Yul Khulan in the foyer.
In the barred-off room on the second floor of Dunwall Tower, accessible by jumping onto a wooden plank spanning vents between it and the adjacent room.
In a room on the second floor of Dunwall Tower.

Death of the Outsider

Available mission Map Location
One Last Fight Northern Campo Seta District The table in Robbie's apartment.
Albarca Baths (Black) The locked drawer in the bar room. The door is unlocked by the Workshop Key, located on the belt of the bartender.
(Black) In a vice in a room off the side of the walkway around the fighting ring. This bone charm is always Agility and is intended as the reward for defeating the Brute.[8]
(Corrupted) On the belt of Jeanette Lee. This bone charm is always Power Slash.
On a table in the area above the showers.
(Corrupted) In a case by the door leading up some stairs to the storage area.
Follow the Ink Upper Cyria District Behind a sliding panel on the top floor of the dentist building next to the Red Camellia.
(Corrupted) Underneath the tank on top of the building between Canal Passage and Raqueza Avenue.
(Corrupted) Inside the shelf immediately opposite the Red Camellia's entrance.
(Black) In a glass cabinet inside Eleuterio Cienfuegos's apartment above Cienfuegos Pharmacy.
On a table behind a gated fence to the right of the stairs leading from the crashed rail car to Dolores Michaels' Deposit.
(Two black, two corrupted) For sale in the black market shop under Ferella Way. One of these is always Rapid Displacement.
Colibron Plaza (Black) In the canvas covered room behind the stage where Ivan Jacobi is rehearsing.
(Corrupted) In the basement of the building in Colibron Plaza on some wooden shelves.
Spector Club (Black) Inside the private room near the bar of the Spector Club.
(Corrupted) Underneath the bar of the Spector Club, just to the left of the bartender.
Shan Yun's house Underneath a glass bell jar to the right of the main entrance.
On a table in the locked dumbwaiter room on the second floor.
Inside the locked safe on the third floor.
(Black) On the belt of Shan Yun. This bone charm is always Hardiness.
The Bank Job Upper Cyria District (Black) In the locked delivery boat containing the Duke's self portrait.
Inside the beggar's cabin near where the skiff is. The bone charm is under a wooden crate at the foot of the mattress.
(One black, two corrupted) For sale in the black market shop under Ferella Way.
On the rooftop where there is a windmill that is under construction.
(Corrupted) On a rooftop in a drop crate cache between the Red Camellia and Eolina Rey's apartment.
On the end of the roof of the bank near the bonfire with a sword in it.
Dolores Michaels' Bank (Black) Behind the painting of Dolores Michaels in her office. A button beneath her desk can open it.
(Black) Inside safe #2 in the vault elevator.
(Corrupted) In a drawer in the kitchen area of the living quarters of the archives of the bank.
The Stolen Archive Cyria Gardens In the apartment besieged by three Overseers. It is located by the left door to the balcony.
(Two black, one corrupted) For sale in the black market shop overlooking the Royal Conservatory.
(Corrupted) In the safe in the heavily booby trapped lecture hall.
Royal Conservatory In the second floor room below the three Overseers typing in front of a silvergraph projector.
(Black) In the barred off area of the morgue.
(Corrupted) In a drawer in the lab behind Álvaro Cardoza on the top floor.
In the locked second floor area with the three dead witches. The Witches' Key can be found behind a dangling painting to the left of the door.
Contracts (Three black) One awarded for completing each of the available contracts found at the black market shop.
A Hole in the World Shindaerey Peak On a shelf in the storage building to the left of the area with three wolfhounds.
In a safe behind a gate opened by a crank wheel in the building to the right of the wolfhound area.
(Eighteen black, three corrupted) On the belts of cultists encountered on the way to the Eye of the Dead God.
Shindaerey Peak (after touching the Eye) (Corrupted) On the bunk in Malchiodi's locked room.
(Corrupted) In the combination locked crate in Malchiodi's room.
(Two black) On the belts of cultists near the silvergraph studio area.


  • Starting in Dishonored: The Corroded Man, bone charms are called bonecharms.
  • Bone charms in Dishonored 2 seem to be weaker than Dishonored's bone charms, excluding corrupted bone charms and black bone charms.
  • With some skill, any person can craft bone charms. However, this is a rather lengthy procedure, as opposed to the instant crafting available through Bonecharm Crafting.
  • Each playthrough of Dishonored spawns only 26 random bone charms, out of 35 available.
  • Corvo starts with three slots in which to equip bone charms, but he can purchase more from Piero Joplin at the Hound Pits Pub. Bone charm carrying capacity can be increased to a maximum of ten by upgrades, the Fish Statue found in the Acrobatic Killer Pack, the Whale Statue found in the Arcane Assassin Pack, the Wolfhound Statue found in the Backstreet Butcher Pack, and the Rat Statue found in the Shadow Rat Pack.
  • Bone charms spawn randomly. They are chosen when the level is loaded, so reloading right before obtaining one will always yield the same charm. Notable exceptions to this include:
    • The bone charm stuck in the vice in the Back Yard. Saving before collecting the charm will allow one to reset until the desired bone charm is spawned; this effect is very useful when attempting a ghost/low chaos/clean hands playthrough, as the Strong Arms bone charm is a tremendous help.
    • The bone charm Corvo gets from Daud in the Flooded District, either through pick-pocketing him or by defeating him and looting his body. It is much harder to pickpocket it undetected, but it is easier to manage with Bend Time tier II and Blink.
    • The bone charm found on top of a rock near a swarm of plague rats, right after entering the tunnel after leaving Daud's base.
    • The bone charm Daud can purchase from Jerome in Drapers Ward.
  • In Dishonored, collecting 10 bone charms will unlock the Occultist achievement. In Dishonored 2, an achievement named Occult Carver can be obtained through crafting 10 bone charms.
  • Corvo and Emily cannot collect bone charms related solely to the other's abilities e.g. Corvo cannot obtain Life Bond while Emily cannot find Accommodating Host unless playing on New Game +.
  • Through the New Game + feature of Dishonored 2, Trait Synergy can be used five times on Strong Arms to allow immediate choking.
  • Enemies rendered unconscious by Separation Trauma do not count as knockouts on the statistics page.
  • Whether Undying Swarm works does not depend on whether it is equipped – rather, it depends on whether it was equipped at the time that the swarm was summoned.
  • If a level two bone charm is collected when the level one variant is equipped, the level two bone charm automatically equips itself.
  • Billie once knew a person who claimed to have a bone charm that deflected bullets. He shot himself in the stomach and died the day after.
  • When purchased from black market shops, black bone charms cost 350 coins and corrupted bone charms cost 250 coins.


Description Sound effect
A 'singing' bone charm.
Bone charm song
Sound when picked up.
Bone Charm Pickup
Sound when a bone charm is activated.
Bone Charm Activation
Sound when a bone charm is deactivated.
Bone Charm Selection



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