Whitecliff, alternatively known as White Cliff, is a city located in southern Gristol. It was the site of the event known as the Siege of White Cliff, in which the Abbey of the Everyman slaughtered the many heretics that populated that city before turning it into a stronghold for the Abbey.[1]

Whitecliff remains important to the Abbey, and serves as a center of pilgrimage for the devout of the Abbey of the Everyman. It is here that a ceremony occurs where future Overseers are chosen.[2] On rare occasions, the Abbey will send items to Whitecliff for further study.[3]

In addition, the Gristol army has its barracks in the city.[4]


  • Whitecliff is loosely based off of the British city of Dover, which is famous for its White Cliffs of Dover. Its geographic position on the coast of a peninsula in the southeast of Gristol is similar to Dover, which is also situated in the extreme southeast of Britain.
  • At the right time of year, there are whales in the waters around Whitecliff.
  • Overseer John Breton and High Overseer Benjamin Holger were both killed here, by a spear and knife respectively.[5][6]