Panorama Batista

The Wind Corridor looming behind Batista.

The Wind Corridor, constructed in Karnaca in 1810,[1] is a long and large trench dug from the base of Shindaerey Peak down to the Karnaca Bay in order to provide wind power to the city.[2]

Located on the far east side of Karnaca, the Wind Corridor channels the Sirhrocco Currents blowing through the mountain's mouth down to the city. When passing over the Batista Mining District, a massive structure of tubes and funnels made out of wood and steel directs the wind to windmills all over the city, providing energy to most of Karnaca's utilities.[3] This also led to the addition of windbreaks on tall buildings, either to deviate wind or protect them from dust.

Due to the location of the Stilton Mines under the mountain's mouth, silver dust is carried by the currents and provoke dust storms over Batista. When the mine baron Aramis Stilton disappeared, Duke Luca Abele increased mine production. This led to more dust blowing over Batista which started being buried under it, giving it its nickname of Dust District.



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