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Witch interrogation

The witch, Melina, after the interrogation.

Witch Interrogation is an audiograph found in The Brigmore Witches, recorded by an unidentified member of the City Watch.
Witch Interrogation


Is she strapped in right? Good. Doesn't look like much, does she?

Comfortable? All right, we'll get this done. Let's start with how you go into Dunwall Tower in the first place. Was it one of the servants that let you in? One of the guards?

Nothing? All right. Corporal, use the hammer. That's right, the smaller one.

(Victim screams)

Hmm. Can't really tell if she felt that. Don't want to break anything.

Let's try again. How did you - wait, do you hear a kind of ringing in your ears? What's happening to her face, is she going to - ? Oh, no. Oh no! Shoot her! Shoot her! Shoot -

(rushing sound, screams, gunfire, chaos. Then silence)


It can be found in Coldridge Prison in the Interrogation Room, during the mission A Stay of Execution for Lizzy.

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