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Daud's Wristbow

The Wristbow is a silent, concealed weapon, crafted from the finest materials, used by Daud and his Whalers. It is used to launch bolts, sleep darts, and explosive bolts.


Wristbow Accuracy

Lowers dispersion and stabilizes wristbow aim.

Wristbow Range

  • Cost: 450 Coins

Wristbow bolts travel faster, further.

Wristbow Reload

  • Cost: 450 Coins

Faster reload. Enables auto-reload.

Related Bone Charms

  • Reinforced Bolts - Bolts shot at enemies are less likely to break.
  • Splintering Bolts - Benefit: bolts shot do more damage. Penalty: bolts shot break more often.


  • There is one assassination animation in which Daud impales the head of the victim by firing a bolt at close range, then pushes the bolt back into the Wristbow.
  • The firing mechanism of the Wristbow uses a simple gear system to increase the power of the weapon without increasing its size. The metal arms pull the large wheels which in turn rotate the smaller wheels that pull the dart, thus increasing the power of the bow.


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