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Yul Khulan is the official successor to Thaddeus Campbell and acting High Overseer by the year 1852. He hails from Wei-Ghon, a city on a chain of islands north-west of Tyvia.[1]


Khulan became High Overseer a short time after the fall of the Lord Regent during the Rat Plague and quickly became a unifying figure for the Abbey of the Everyman, with many of its members trusting in his guidance.[2] Shortly after, he established an alliance with the new empress, Emily Kaldwin. He is fiercely loyal to her, but remains independent, nonetheless. Khulan is also on good terms with the Royal Protector and Spymaster, Corvo Attano, who describes him as kind. Both Corvo and Khulan guided Emily on matters of state for nearly a decade before she became capable of handling them herself.[3]

Dishonored 2

When Delilah Copperspoon overthrows Emily as Empress, Khulan quickly flees the scene. Over the next few weeks, he gathers together a huge force of Overseers to assault Dunwall Tower and remove Delilah from the throne, as Khulan has personally seen evidence of her witchcraft. Armed with pistols, swords and music boxes, the attack force is led by Khulan. While the Overseers initially succeed against the witches, they are ill-prepared for the Clockwork Soldiers and slaughtered as a result. Khulan, still alive and struggling, is taken to the Tower itself. In the mission Death to the Empress, Corvo or Emily can find his dead body propped up in the foyer. As a final mockery towards him and his faith, two bone charms have been attached to his corpse.


  • Khulan is a common Mongolian surname.
  • Technically, Teague Martin was the High Overseer following Campbell. Due to the illegal methods by which Martin obtained the position, and his very short time in office, the official successor of Campbell is Khulan.[4]
  • Khulan's first name is provided only in Dishonored: The Corroded Man.



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